Improving Performances

Innovation for Restart is not only as a value to be inspired by, but also the real driver of all the company’s operations. Innovation guides the design, the construction of our lines, thought out according to performance and people needs.

People that are our customers, on whose specific needs our machines are built, and the operators who will have to use them, to whom we want to offer the maximum level of quality and safety at work.

Our work is inspired by the principles of Lean Manufacturing, which aims at efficiency based on the optimization of flows, on the reduction of waste of time, resources and space, and a clear definition of priorities. This approach allows Restart to improve the method and to increase the value that it’s able to guarantee to the customer.


We employ today technologies of tomorrow. We select the best components and we never compromise on quality. We respond to challenges by studying solutions based on the most innovative technologies, and we dare to use them on our lines providing the customer with the maximum performance level.


Research and development is an integral part of Restart daily work. The nature of the proposed product requires constant and in-depth research into the most innovative, performing, technologically advanced solution. Restart constantly measure itself with demands that no one before it has faced, and this pushes Restart to look into the unexplored techniques and requires it to be bold and apply the solutions to the required products. Usually companies have an R&D department. Restart is research and development, before being everything else. This is our Know-How.


We design and we build tailor-made solutions, providing the client with a high-tech modular product capable to maximize productivity and to make potential up-grades easy.

The output of our workshop is the outcome of our work from design to assembly.

We offer our customers a quick and accurate product realization, ensuring the highest level of customization in the requested solution.


Our lines are high-tech and extremely accurate and efficient. But not only this.

They are also designed to be pragmatic, smooth and pleasant.

We believe that it is not only relevant that our product works well. It has to be also neat, pleasant and valuable.

This feature is one of the most important for us, as it ensures a real improvement of the outcome both for the client and for the men and women who collaborate with our lines.

Processi operativi


Mechanical, electrical and software.


Selection and purchase of the best materials.


Mechanical and electrical. We do the first tests and we make sure everything works.

Functional tests

Mechanical and electrical tests of the signals are carried out. The software is tested too.


Final software adjustments and setup.

Internal testing

On-site test with the customer.

Final testing by the customer

Run@rate and training for the operators.


Restart remains next to the customer with the SERVICE Department for restoration or up-grade interventions.


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