The contribution of its members and employees is fundamental for Restart to grow and develop, view the impact of the activity of each one on the final result.
In this context, the prosecution of maximum levels of technology, which require constant study, application, and research, is vitally important.
The Company reserves the right to evaluate the patentability of inventions made by its employees, and choose whether and for which of these to undertake a patenting process.

In 2019 Restart started the patenting process for two inventions made by two of its designers, and in 2020 a third patent started the process.

  • Patent No. 102019000012294 PATENTED

    Smart wiring system for collaborative robots

    Wiring system installed on collaborative robots that allows to carry out the operations in an extremely effective, efficient, safe and space-saving way.

  • Patent No. 102019000012507 PATENTED

    Bar locking system suitable to lock a bar in a predefined axial position

    Bar clamping system suitable for locking bars of different diameters so that the main bar axis is on the same plane as the clamp axis.

  • Patent No. 102020000013009 PATENTED

    Tightening device for automatic tightening of screws on mechanical parts

    Tightening device suitable to perform the tightening and tapping operations in an efficient and reliable way over time, obviating the possibility that there are broken threads, screws, mechanical parts or the tightening apparatus itself.


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