Company Profile

Founded in 2001 by Flavio Pistocchi e Rossano Cioni, Restart is a company specialized in the supply of automatic and semi-automatic systems for industrial production.

Restart offers tailor-made industrial automation solutions: it seeks to meet customer needs by studying solutions based on the most innovative technologies, and it dares to use them on the lines providing maximum performance.

Two special traits of Restart products are the high technological level and the modularity, which allow to maximize productivity and make simple eventual upgrades.

Even the design is studied in every detail to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. It ensures a product that works but that is also neat, ergonomic and valuable.

Everything is made by Restart staff: from mechanical and electrical design, software programming and final assembly. This ensures to save time for the realization, and the maximum level of customization in the required solution.


Industrial trading is constantly evolving.

It is important to employ innovative technologies to increase the production performances, freeing men and women from the most demanding tasks; ensuring safe, efficient and pleasant working environments.

2018 > 3.630.659€
2017 > 2.426.919€
2016 > 2.606.150€

2019 > 30 people
University education > 50%
Average < 40 years old


We offer tailor-made industrial automation solutions.

We employ the latest technologies ensuring the highest accuracy and productivity levels; while upholding design, which guarantees a pragmatic, smooth and pleasant outcome.

Target Market

Restart Srl is an Italian Tuscan company that has developed its core business in the field of industrial automation.

It builds assembly lines for other companies that use them to produce their products or product parts. Restart is located geographically in an area with several important automotive headquarters. That’s why automotive itself is our largest market.

As we all know today industrial automation entered almost all sectors: from food to footwear, from chemical to pharmaceutical or packaging. The current size of Restart (about 30 employees for about 4mln of annual turnover) pushes it to put the nose behind the corner to look for new realities, always in an Industry 4.0 perspective.

In fact, in the middle of this fourth industrial revolution, Restart owns the probably most precious know-how: the industrial automation one, that integrates some new production technologies to improve the working conditions, create new business models and increase productivity and production quality.


Each employee is Restart: passion, listening, boldness.

The staff has always been the flagship of the company. Due to Restart way to work, the skills and approach of the technicians influence directly the final results. This is why Restart has always taken great care in the selection and training of its staff.

This approach lets Restart to have today a technically very skilled team, constantly challenged by the changing market and all the customers’ specific needs.

Flexibility, listening and 20-year-know-how, represent the added value that Restart team can put in every project.


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