Mechanical Modularity

Standard size 1500x1500mm extendable 500mm per part, with 2300mm motorized and independent line section.

Electrical Modularity

The module is connected to the MES through a single ethernet patch and the electrical and pneumatic connections are on the top of the module. This allows quick installation of the automatic line (approx 10 hours).


Lower compartment dedicated to devices for process operation. Blind panelling with easy access.

Process operations

Upper area of the module is dedicated to process operations. It is protected by Lexan doors blocked by the process.


Soft and clean lines with rounded corners to ensure ergonomics. Lean Production values guided the designing phase: the modules are aligned on x and y axes to optimize spaces and materials.

Human Machine Interface

23 inch LED display with ultra-sensitive touch screen. Intuitive icons for the operator and easily customizable and multilingual texts. Entirely developed in Restart and fully adaptable to customer needs.



  • Module
    FEM and compressed air connections on top
  • Module
    Safety PLC
  • Module
    Sensor for automatic adjustment of light intensity
  • Module
    Light indicator with 60 customizations
  • Module
    Pivoting Footmaster wheels
  • Module
    Operator comfort zone (air conditioning, smartphone support with charging station, etc.)
  • Module
    Pick to light system for guided loading
  • Module
    Android app for just-in-time process data


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