Restart team is made up of people that love what they do. We can provide the highest quality standards through the deep passion that guides all of our decisions, from design to testing. We take care of the human side of performances: job safety and quality are our landmarks.

    Our products are unique. The starting point for designing is always the customer requirement. Our goal is to understand his needs and to help him to shape the product by a consultation approach. When we find a need, we analyze it deeply to guide the customer towards the best solution, assuring him punctuality and reliability.

    We deal with high-tech challenges every day. We solve problems never solved before and we employ the latest technological equipment to succeed. We reach technological and innovative solutions that assure the best result to the customer. We are motivated by the complexity of customer requests. We don’t back down. This is our engine.

    Despite being a small company, Restart doesn’t forget to be close to its territory. That’s why we carry on initiatives of solidarity and social responsibility as work-related learning experiences or school projects funding.


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