Innovation Award 2019

Exploring innovation

Innovation n. f. [from late Latin innovatio -onis]. – 1. a. The act or work of innovating, i.e., introducing new systems, new arrangements, new production methods, etc. b. In a concrete sense, any novelty, change, transformation that radically modifies or otherwise effectively rejuvenates a production method, a technique, etc.

This is the definition of innovation provided by Treccani, and it is no more than a hair’s breadth from what we do at Restart every day.

At Restart, the contribution of its partners and employees is of fundamental importance for the growth and development of the company. The activity of each individual is the real driving force in achieving goals. In this context and from this perspective, pursuing ever higher technological levels, which require constant study, application, and research by all, is vitally important.

That is why the company offers two Innovation Awards each year for the best two inventions presented to the management. The evaluation of the inventions is based on characteristics such as: sales forecast, applicability, and cost-benefit ratio; as well as properties that can determine patentability.

For the year 2019, Restart awarded the two designers Andrea Vernassa and Stefano Martini.

Andrea devised a feeding system for a manipulator group mountable on robots, consisting of a container that develops around a container axis and is mountable on the joint. In known solutions, cables and/or supply conduits are extremely bulky so that the remaining space does not allow free movement of the robot. This was the problem-driving issue of the invention. The aim was to provide a system that would allow the necessary power supply to the work head in an effective, efficient, safe, and especially compact manner.

Stefano’s invention, on the other hand, consists of a bar locking system suitable for locking a bar in a predefined axial position. Over the years, we have found that, with commonly used systems, bars of different diameters are usually locked by the same clamp group in different positions. The system patented by Restart solves this problem by allowing bars of different diameters to be locked so that the main axis along which the bar to be locked extends is on the same plane as the clamp axis.

A team of skilled technicians faces the challenges arising from customer needs day by day. With study and determination, we work on solutions and continuous improvement.

The inventions of colleagues arise from the desire to solve problems that could threaten quality standards, and they demonstrate how the attention to detail and technical expertise of the staff represent an added value of Restart for the customer, in terms of improving performance.

Despite the pandemic, we wanted to celebrate the winning colleagues, thereby renewing the invitation to passionately study always new solutions. Renewing the invitation to explore innovation.


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