New outfit for Restart

The company changes its attire and launches the new website

In March 2019, Restart created a communication and marketing department. While this may sound normal, it is not at all. Very few Italian companies classified as small businesses decide to invest resources in communication. Why? Because it is the classic activity that requires a constant commitment of time and money and does not yield any apparent results in the short term. Only the most forward-thinking decide to look beyond the short-term hedge and manage to see and experience the real benefits. In short, some buy the egg, and some buy the chicken. Restart chose the chicken.

Setting up a communication and marketing department for a small company that has (obviously) never done it before is certainly not easy, and it can’t be done overnight. The first few months were dedicated to analysis: a thorough analysis of what the company is, what it wants to become, and what it absolutely never wants to be. The founders answered questions they had never even thought of, and by putting the pieces together, a corporate identity was defined. Mission, vision, values, and everything else.

But, as we know, there is a long way from saying to doing… and indeed, we had to transform this identity into something practical and tangible. So, we started rebranding by working on the company colors, then the logo, then the payoff. In short, with the collaboration of ZAKI, the communication agency that acted as our guardian angel, we set up something that wasn’t there before.

But what is a brand? In English, it is the name, the mark. It is the name, term, symbol, design, or a combination of these elements that distinguishes one producer from every other. The brand represents the unique and unrepeatable identity of a company in the market. And branding, consequently, is the set of strategic and operational activities that contribute to the construction and management of the brand.

Since creating the new logo, we have worked on the entire corporate identity. We adapted the colors and the logo into all necessary forms: business cards, letterhead, email signatures, internal documents. Then we moved on to kits: work clothing, notepads, company folders, pens, pencils, personalized mugs, and more.

Obviously, this is a long job and is still far from finished. But among all these things, one was still missing, perhaps the most important for communication and marketing: the website.

This is why today we are so proud to launch our new website,, the cornerstone of the innovative and radical rebranding that Restart has had the audacity to undertake.

We have changed our attire. We have dressed in red. Red for passion, red for innovation.

  • 2 AMA, American Marketing Association


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