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You will remember the 2019 Innovation Award, awarded to Andrea and Stefano, for their inventions.

The company bet on them.
In July 2019, after a long process of production and collection of the necessary documentation, Restart embarked on the patenting process for the two inventions.

The patent is the title that allows whoever has made the invention to market it exclusively, preventing others from producing the same product. The patent for invention is granted to an object that manages to solve a technical problem that had never been solved before with a unique and innovative solution.

To be valid, the subject of the patent must be:

  • New: it must never have been made by anyone else and patented anywhere in the world;
  • Original: it must not be trivial and must represent a step forward compared to previous technology;
  • Legal: it must respect good customs and not disrupt public order;
  • Industrializable: it must be reproducible on an industrial level.

To apply for the patent, it is necessary to submit a comprehensive technical documentation electronically to the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. The documents to be submitted are divided into description, drawings, and summary.
The documentation must accurately describe the product through texts and drawings; it is important to specify what makes it truly innovative and its field of application.
The summary must briefly specify the reason why the object is considered innovative, describing the state of the art at the time of the patent application, in order to better understand the innovative capacity of the product.
It is then necessary to specify the characteristics of the invention for which the application is made, listing the so-called claims.

Restart considers the contribution of its partners and employees to be of fundamental importance for the company’s growth and development, considering everyone’s activities as the true driving force in achieving objectives. The pursuit of increasingly high technological levels is a primary objective, which requires constant study, application, and research by all.

After two years of research reports, evaluations, and adjustments to the documentation, in July 2021, we received the Concession Certificates for the two inventions, and the procedure was successfully concluded.

Restart obtained the concession of PATENT No. 102019000012294 for the Feeding System of a manipulator group mountable on a robot (feeding system of a manipulator group mountable on a robot that allows bringing the necessary power supply to the working head in an extremely effective, efficient, safe, and space-saving way), and the concession of PATENT No. 102019000012507 for the Bar Locking System in a predefined axial position (bar locking system suitable for locking bars of different diameters so that the main axis along which the bar to be locked extends is on the same plane as the clamp axis).

In 2020, a third invention began the patenting process, with patent application No. 102020000013009 for the Screwdriver Apparatus for automated screwing of screws on mechanical parts (screwdriver apparatus suitable for efficiently and reliably performing screwing and tapping operations over time, overcoming the possibility of thread breakage, on screws, mechanical parts, or on the screwdriver apparatus itself).
This last invention is under evaluation.

We thank Stefano and Andrea for their commitment, and the entire team who collaborated in drafting and collecting the necessary documentation.

To learn more and stay updated on ongoing patent procedures, you can visit the patents page, follow our LinkedIn page, and continue exploring innovation with us.



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