Restart comes of age

18 years since its founding, the company takes stock

On September 24, 2001, a little more than a week after the Twin Towers disaster, Rossano and Flavio founded Restart. In the previous three years, spent together at Motofides, they had faced and overcome seemingly insurmountable technical difficulties. In 2001, they pooled 10 million lire to equip their first office and launch their new venture. In the following years, their work grew, making it inevitable to start thinking about a different business reality. The goal became to provide the customer with a “turnkey” solution: design, construction, and installation of custom machines, and the pursuit of highly technological solutions.

In recent years, Restart has grown significantly, and with it, the know-how of its team. Today, the company offers custom-designed and built industrial automation solutions: it strives to meet customer needs by developing solutions based on the most innovative technologies and has the audacity to implement them on production lines to deliver maximum performance. Two particular features of Restart’s products are their high technological level and modularity, which maximize productivity and simplify potential upgrades.

The design is meticulously crafted to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, ensuring a product that not only works but is also neat, practical, and excellent. Everything, from mechanical and electrical design to software programming and final assembly, is carried out entirely by Restart’s internal staff, offering clients quick turnaround times and ensuring maximum customization of the requested solution.

Today, 18 years later, it can be confidently said that the goal has been achieved. Restart is one of the most important industrial automation companies in the area, and its market has expanded well beyond its initial boundaries.

With a small surprise refreshment during the morning coffee break, the Restart team celebrated the milestone with the two founders who made this growth possible.

As we know, 18 years is an important milestone: voting rights, signing authority, and civic duties. Restart is no different: in this eighteenth year, it has embarked on an innovative and radical rebranding journey, created two new departments, registered its trademark, filed two patents, and reached thirty employees.

Not bad for a teenager.


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