Customer Day Atlas Copco

A day of training and meeting for Restart and its customers.

Atlas Copco is a Swedish multinational company, a leader in tightening systems, automatic drilling riveting, adhesive dispensing, and flow drill fastening. For some months now, Restart and Atlas have been strengthening their collaborative relationship. This summer, Davide Uderzo suggested we co-host a Customer Day, and we seized the opportunity. We believe that combining forces is the most advantageous path for all stakeholders from every perspective. And then… when has honey ever been made by just one bee in a hive? So, the organization machine started moving: proposals, posters, invitations.

Thursday, September 19, 2019: Customer Day. A day dedicated to presenting the latest innovations in Atlas Copco’s tightening field. By simulating the management of real workflows, materials such as the PF6000 platform, the ES, STR, SRB series of corded and battery tools, socket selector accessories, articulated arms, WIFI MWR mechatronic wrenches, the SQS guided operation system, Toolnet 8 data collection and analysis solutions, quality assurance StPad, StWrench, and transducers were presented.

The day was designed to train and inform all staff, and Restart decided to invite some of its local customers to the event. The day before, we welcomed Davide Uderzo, Davide Santacroce, and Luca Effendy, who arrived after a warm journey from Milan.

At 9:00 on Thursday, the event kicked off: Luca demonstrated the products he had prepared to all present, while Davide trained the software department on the latest Atlas updates. The customers present were also interested in the innovative solutions that Atlas presented, delighted by the customary coffee break (always warmly welcomed during these mornings filled with a hunger for knowledge).

The event was absolutely positive. This day was an opportunity to get to know a valuable Atlas Copco team and to taste their capabilities. All the applications presented were interesting, and both the Restart team and the customers present were enthusiastic. All efforts made for the success of the event were amply rewarded. A heartfelt thanks to Davide and Luca from Atlas, to the entire Restart team, and to the customers who came to visit us.

Definitely worth repeating.



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